Friday, December 28, 2012

Nora Cordelia

I did say I'm not very good at keeping up with these things, but in my defense I've been a little preoccupied!  :-)

She's here!  And we are thrilled.  She is absolutely precious.  Cute as a button, even has a button nose.  It's been an incredible month in all ways.  Some days are long and I wonder if we'll ever get more than 2-3 hours of sleep and in other moments I feel like she just came home from the hospital.  Getting to bring this little one home and celebrate Christmas in the same month has been pretty special.  I'd be lying if I said I was incredibly sentimental and intentional about it.  We have barely left the house, not a present was bought - for anyone - even Nora.  I spend most of time thinking about when to feed and change her next, if I can get a shower and maybe a nap in there too is fun.  So, I wish I had let my heart and mind focus on Christmas and what it means.  But I did think about the Virgin Mary alot more than I ever have.  In the last week of my pregnancy we drove to downtown Richmond to see a play.  We had to take some cobblestone streets.  I thought that this baby was gonna come out in the car with all the bumping around.  I couldn't help but think of Mary, riding a DONKEY, a long ways.  Sleeping in a barn.  Delivering her baby in a dark, dirty place.  Here I was in a sterile hospital, with pain killers, and cable TV, and nurses, not cows.  Joe knew how to help, unlike Joseph I imagine.  But what I've thought about mostly were the moments and days after Jesus was born.  Here was this young girl, holding her first ever baby in her arms.  He was beautiful and frightening all in one breath.  She was in awe and didn't know what to do at the same time.  Not only was He her baby, He was her God.  What that really mean't she'd find out later.  But I've imagined her just staring at him, holding his little perfect fingers, listening to him breathe.  Soaking it all in, cause it goes so fast.  She didn't know what He had come to do for her.  To change her and save her.  In those moments with out knowing the future of the One she was holding, the Bible says she pondered and treasured all these things in her heart.  As a new, scared, hormonal, and in helpless love mom - I can relate with Mary as I ponder and treasure these moments in my heart.  In the last week Joe and I want to capture each moment that we can.  We don't want to put her down ever because the next time we pick her up, she's bigger.  In fact she IS bigger.  This girl can eat - in a month and 5 days, she has gained a little over 2 pounds and grown 2 inches taller.  She is changing so quickly, I can see it even in her hands, her nails aren't those microscopic newborn nails anymore, she's becoming a lady.  Here's to hoping she doesnt bite them and they look ugly like mine! haha!  Anyways, I'll spare you any more hormonally emotional rambling and just post some of our favorite pictures of the last month with Nora Baby!  You're going to melt, like we have!

Okay, here we go!!

Apparently mom is clumsly.

Hello world!  Nov 25, 2012 - 10:33am

First family picture!

Here I am, after my first bath!
Coming home from the hospital on Nov 27, 2012

Sleepy me and sleepy dad

My first outing to the pediatrician's office

Me and my dad!  

Catching some sun!

My dad wrote a 20 page paper the week I came home from the hospital.  He even did it one handed!

Big Brotherdog, Jack, is very proctective

First family outing to the dog park, Jack was thrilled!

Catching a smile!  We are excited for her to smile on purpose - we have't caught that yet! 
I love this picture, she looks hilarious!  

My freinds Mary Lee and Ed from Florida gave me my first Disney Princess doll!

Cousin Lilly gave me her best gifts.  Can't wait to use my arms and play with this stuff!

My big cousins, Alaina and Lilly

Kisses from my dad are the best!

1 Month old, I love to fall asleep on my parents shoulders

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  1. GOODNESS she is just TOO cute! I wanna smooch those cheekies.