Monday, November 5, 2012

The Calm Before the Storm...

So, I've started a blog.  If it's anything like my journal, you may hear from us once in a blue moon.  And if having a newborn is anything like I'm told, then, yes, writing a blog will be TOP priority! ;-)

No matter, we thought this would be a nice way to update our family and friends about the little girl who is going to enter our house in T-Minus 3 weeks and counting!

While Joe is swamped with his 3rd semester of Grad School,  we have been enjoying these last few weeks we've had together before Little Girl comes home.  Time together has been very rare until just recently and we've been enjoying each moment we get.  We have seen family members, had dinners with friends, made fires in our fireplace, spent a weekend together at an amazing marriage conference and even had killer success yard sale-ing for baby items!  Although we are so excited to meet her, and expand our family, we are nervous to "lose our freedom" and leave the "just the two of us" part of our marriage.  We know God is good and that we will be madly in love with her, but there are so many feelings that swirl around as the date gets closer and closer!

Jack is sensing a change coming too.  Over the last few months he has become my shadow.  He follows me everywhere I go at home.  If I'm in the kitchen, he's asleep under my feet.  If I'm on the couch, so is he and he probably has his head on my belly.  Lately, I've had a really hard time sleeping and you can often find me asleep in our guest room in the attic, and of course, Jack follows me up there at 3 in the morning each time!  I don't know what dogs know about pregnancy, but he certainly knows something is up.  One of my girl friends came over with her 6mo old a few weeks ago.  Jack wasn't the slightest bit aggressive, but he did not like me holding that baby.  He army crawled his way to my lap while I was sitting on the floor w/ the baby.  He nuzzled his head as close as he could and you could just tell he wanted my attention.  He was sweet though.  Joe and I have been trying to take him tot he park and play ball as often as we can.  Thankfully there is a great park almost in our back yard.  In time we'll figure out how to throw the ball again, while holding a baby.   But needless to say, jealousy will be an issue with the Obersomethings soon.

Here are some October pictures of, well mostly Jack (another thing that will change soon! haha!), and a few things we've been up to lately:
Jack taking his morning nap on his sister!

Holiday Wreath I made, only cost me $6.00!

Strollers are very handy for carting groceries so this pregnant chick doesn't have to make so many trips!

33 Weeks Preggers!

Joe's Birthday in October!  Burger, Fries, Salad and a delicious Coconut Cake!

Jack in the ready position!  He's an outfielder.

Amazing yard sale find!  $60!

Another amazing yard sale find:  Glider in amazing condition:  $20!!

Lunch with Great Grandpa Collin and Aunt Janine in Williamsburg, Va

Trick or Treat!!  Jack the Civil War Soldier and Pumpkin Head Baby!

Uh, stop taking pictures and chase me, woman!

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